I'm an assistant professor of political science at Western Washington University and a 2019-2020 APSA Congressional Fellow. My research explores political representation at the intersection of gender, race, and partisanship.

My first book, Gendering the GOP: Intraparty Politics and Republican Women's Representation in Congress, is under contract with Oxford University Press. Through interviews with women members of Congress and in-depth analyses of House floor speeches, women's caucuses, and conference leadership, I detail how polarization has shaped intraparty gender dynamics over the past two decades.

The book contributes to current discussions of Republican women's underrepresentation in Congress by showing how House Republican women have organized at the intersection of their partisan and gender identities to simultaneously work with and challenge party leadership. I argue that the same dynamics that have allowed Republican women to gain prominence as party messengers may also stifle their ability to gain more substantive institutional power. My theory of a partisan-gender identity -- how it developed and how it has been strengthened and mobilized over time -- shines light on the ongoing challenges Republican women face, the intricate gender dynamics they must learn to navigate within their party, and potential opportunities for change.

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